Prep 4000


The Accudraft PREP 4000 is engineered for versatility and easy placement in any shop & provides a well-lit work space for parts and vehicle prep. With the addition of an intake fan, the PREP 4000 also allows the user to prime & paint in the same space.


Wall Type: Rear or Side Divider

Airflow CFM: 10,000

Draft Pattern: Downdraft or Oblique

Standard Mechanicals: KD-500R, Belt or Direct Drive, 7.5HP

Optional Heat/Intake: KD-500/500R, 1,200,000 BTU/hr

Fixture Size/Tubes:48" - 4 Tube

Lighting Power: 128W/Fixture

Upper Angled Lighting: 8 Degrees

Ceiling Filter System: Full Width - 5 Micron

Exhaust VFD: Yes

Starting L/W/H: 20'x12'x9'