Magnum 5000


Free-standing multi-bay prep and/or limited finishing station. Starting standard is two-bay. Expandable to an unlimited number of work bays. Add a heated paint booth air makeup system and process jobs simultaneously. The more work bays, the faster you can process jobs. Expandable to any amount of bays. Available in Downdraft, Side Downdraft, and Semi Downdraft.


Wall Type: Double Wall/H - Channel

Airflow CFM: 20,000 - 40,000

Draft Pattern: Downdraft or Oblique

Standard Mechanicals: (2) KD-500R, Belt or Direct Drive, (2) 7.5HP

Optional Heat/Intake: KD-560/630R, 1,500,000 BTU/hr

Fixture Size/Tubes:36" or 48" - 4 Tube

Lighting Power: 120 - 128W/Fixture

Upper Angled Lighting: 20 Degrees

Ceiling Filter System: Full Width - 5 Micron

Exhaust VFD: Yes (2)

Starting L/W/H: 20'x24'x9'