Diamond Lift


Looking for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity? Stertil-Koni's state-of-the-art DIAMOND LIFT telescopic piston lift ingeniously combines both these features and sets a new benchmark for piston lifts. The highest level of safety is provided with third party testing and validation by ALI/ETL-Intertek. The result is a superior lifting solution grounded in decades of expertise and innovation.


Lifting Capacity: 64,000 or 96,000 LB.

Lifting Height: 73" (1854.2mm)

Pit Depth: 72" (1828.8mm)

Travel Range: 10, 13 & 17'

Minimum Wheelbase: 62" (1574.8mm)

Lifting Time: 90 Sec.

Compressed Air Supply: Filtered/Regulated for 90 PSI at 5CFM

Electrical Supply: 3 Phase,208-230/460/575 V

Motor Power: 2x5 or 3x5 HP